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This website is still in progress. I am a licensed Radio amateur with a Full license including CW. I am mainly interested in 144MHz DX. I have worked over 160 countries on 144MHz and since 2013 am the proud owner of a 144MHz DXCC certificate. I especially build a lot of peripherals myself, such as preamplifiers, amplifiers, power splitters, sequencers, transverters, and so on.

My 2m antenna system consists of 4x 11elements by F9FT stacked in a box Azimuth rotation by a Yaesu rotor and Elevation by a satelite actuator with a home made ballbearing solution

You can view more at My Station.

A lot of links are not working yet. This is just a first attempt of making a working website. Typing in HTML by using and editting a "template"

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